NASCTL is a tool for remotely managing download tasks on home servers (NAS).

It allows you to remotely manage downloaders installed on NAS from iOS devices, and view, pause, delete and create tasks.


Supported Downloaders

  • Transmission
  • qBittorrent

Frequently Asked Questions

What URL should I fill in when using transmission?

If the link you visit when using a browser is, then please delete /web/ in the URL, and the link configured in NASCTL should be

What URL should I fill in when using qBittorrent?

Just fill in the URL in the browser address bar, such as

How to scrape TMDB data?

Long press the task.

401 error

Authentication failed, usually caused by incorrect username or password. After confirming that the username and password are correct, deleting the configuration and re-adding it can usually solve the problem.

400 error

Usually fill in http and https in the wrong order.

301/302/404 error

Incorrect URL filled in the configuration.

Connection refused

Connection failed, usually caused by network unavailability. Please check the networking permission of the app or whether the URL is input incorrectly.

Handshake error

Usually caused by an HTTPS certificate error (expiration or incorrect domain).

FormatException: Scheme xxx...

The format of the URL may be incorrect. Please check whether it starts with http://xxx or https://xxx.